The all white Adidas Stan Smith

I recently picked up the Adidas Stan Smith in all white, it is definitely true what people say about this shoe being a staple in any wardrobe. They look great with everything and they can be easily thrown on with any outfit. The shoe just has such a clean and simple silhouette and with it being an all white shoe you do not have to worry about it clashing with anything making it so versatile.

The shoe itself comes packaged in the standard Adidas Original blue box. Inside they are wrapped up in a paper that has the Adidas Original logo printed all across it.

The shoe itself consists of a leather upper the quality is well what you would expect for a £70 trainer, it is mediocre. If you wanted something that has the same aesthetic but has a  higher quality you have to branch out. Personally I would lean towards either Common Projects which will run you around £260 or the Adidas X Raf Simons Stan Smith which are around £220 and are almost exactly the same except for a few minor details and the level of quality. The leather on these feel somewhat rubbery and creases the minute you put them on however they do seem somewhat durable. Really for the price you could not ask for more a timeless shoe with a durable leather.IMG_4639

Now what really made me choose this shoe above all the other version like the original white and green or the white and navy is that it was all white. To me it just looks so much better and cleaner not having that added colour on the heel and tongue. When you look at the Stan Smith logo or the Adidas logo in white it just looks so simple and perfect.

Overall I think this shoe is incredible and it really is a must have. I can not fault it the price is great, the comfort is good and the style of the shoe is so classic and so timeless if you do not have a pair already I urge you to get a pair.FullSizeRender (1)

Recent clothing pick ups

Over the last month I have accumulated a decent amount of new clothing, I thought it would be a lot easier to do one big post rather than multiple little ones. To summarise I got a black Nike hoodie, Cheap Monday jeans, H&M sweatshirt, H&M twill joggers, Action Bronson t-shirt and a Ralph Lauren cap.IMG_4466

The first thing I got was a plain black Nike hoodie that has a small white swoosh on the chest. It is perfect for what I want, a simple hoodie with no design that is also warm it is great since I can easily throw it under a jacket as a layering piece. I bought it a few sizes up to give it a boxy and oversized fit.


I also got a pair of black stretch tight Cheap Monday jeans from Urban Outfitters which I am extremely happy with. I was worried at first as the last pair of stretch jeans I got from Cheap Monday felt like a pair of leggings, but these are a surprisingly good quality. The only thing is that I had to taper them as the leg opening was too big for my liking but now they are perfect for me and I would highly recommend them.


My third pick up was a H&M sweatshirt I got in beige unfortunately it is no longer available, it is essentially a H&M clone of the popular Haider Ackermann sweatshirt. It is more or less a copy of the the Haider Ackermann in style, it is just that the quality is a lot worse but that is to be expected with the major price difference. I am ecstatic with the purchase, the colour is dope and the fit is great as it fits oversized so if you want it to fit like a regular jumper you would have to size down.


My fourth pick up was a pair of H&M twill joggers unfortunately they are no longer available, these were more of an impulse buy but again I am super satisfied with them. The design again is a copy, this time the brand is Fear of God, they again share many similarities with one major difference being the quality. They have a lot of stretch in the material and have a skinny fit. The bottom of the pants are ribbed to make them stack. Recently H&M has been great for getting the look without dishing out major cash.


My fifth pick up was an Action Bronson t-shirt I got from Urban Outfitters unfortunately it is no longer available. I saw this t-shirt when browsing the sale, I knew instantly I needed to get it and I am so glad I did. It is an official t-shirt which was a nice surprise and the quality is superb, the text is embroidered which helps give it a sense of quality and the print is also on point. I bought it a size up to give it an oversized fit and it is perfect, the only fault is that the neck feels a little wide but that is only minuscule.


My last pick up was a black Ralph Lauren cap which I have been searching for a very long time. I originally saw it on Asos but I was hesitant and they stopped selling it, luckily I found it at House of Fraser. The cap itself is pretty nice the embroidery is well done and the materiel construction feels solid. The hat is also meant to age nicely with time. The colours are suppose to fade so I am excited for that to happen as I think the hat will look great with some character.

Walking on clouds, the Adidas Ultra Boost

I recently picked up the Adidas Ultra Boost in Core Black and I have to say they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I absolutely love them, they are atheistically incredible the materials they have used feel premium. The best way to put it is that they feel sturdy when you hold them in your hand it all feels very well put together.

To start with they come nicely packaged in the standard Adidas Ultra Boost box which is a nice vibrant box. It has a range of colours and a funky design which is a nice touch. Also the paper used inside the box has Boost branding all over it which again its the small things that make the product feel special.

Now for the actual shoe itself they consist of a Primeknit upper which is the Adidas alternative to Nikes Flyknit. It is such a soft material that really just shapes itself around your foot which really adds to the comfort factor. But this also makes the shoe fit rather snug so for me personally since I have a wide foot I had to size up on these. I have also heard that if you put a shoe trees in them you run the risk of ripping the Primeknit.IMG_4344.JPGThe sole consists of boost which is really what sold the shoe to me apart for the fact it looks great, having boost makes them unbelievably comfortable. What boost does is it gives energy return, the sole is made entirely of energy pellets which is why it looks like polystyrene. Do not quote me on this but I believe there are over 3000 pellets in them which so far is the most in any Adidas shoe. There is also a stretch web on the out sole which gives them that extra durability and Torsion technology for that added support.IMG_4346 - Copy.JPGIMG_4369.JPG

The Ultra Boosts also feature a plastic cage on the side which gives them the three stripes and is actually where the laces are threaded. The laces are threaded though the cage so that the shoe can be one whole piece with no breaks essentially making it a sock.IMG_4346

The Ultra Boosts also features a few nice additions for example metal lace tips, a 3m reflective Adidas tag on the tongue and hits of silver on the side of the shoe and on the inside.

Overall this is a really great shoe that I would recommend to anyone, you get a amazingly practical shoe. Along side a very stylish shoe that has been in the public eye a lot recently thanks to Kanye West. The quality is there, the comfort is there and the style is there what is not to love.IMG_4362.JPG

A generic Star Wars: The Force Awakens first thoughts

This post may contain minor spoilers.

I am extremely late to the party but after finally watching the film yesterday I could not help but share my thoughts. I will try to not make this a review seeing as though there is already an ungodly amount of them, but I cannot promise anything.

So to start with I really enjoyed it, I honestly had a great time watching it and with no doubt I will be watching it again in the near future. I think the film has laid the ground work for an epic story. The film is also great for people who have never seen the series as it is relatively easy to follow, you may not get all the references but you can still definitely enjoy the film.

To begin with the film started slow but it did build up throughout, the last third of the film is considerably more memorable. The film also gave me a few laughs as I quite enjoyed the humour it had at times. Visually I was very impressed some of the scenes I could not help but sit there with my mouth open.article-P-27fad81f-a1c0-45f4-9851-e838a1431fc2-4kRf9CdBWKd4c598a565a3097b28-634_634x356.jpg

The protagonists we were given, to me were a lot more enjoyable than the villains. They had a chemistry that made them truly enjoyable to watch. Honestly they are the reason why I am going to come back to the future films. I need to see where the story will take them.


A nice addition was seeing some familiar faces in the return of past characters. I understand that it was primarily fan service to have some of them feature in the film. And the way Han and Chewie were introduced did not make a whole load of sense. Nonetheless they were a welcomed addition just to make the child in me jump with excitement every time I recognised a

Now throughout the film they pulled a few twists to try catch us off guard but in reality you could see most of them coming a mile away. Especially as a lot of the plot points seem to come from the past films which at times makes it seem like a remake and not a sequel. My biggest gripe with the film was Kylo Ren the villain with the freaking awesome Lightsaber. While I enjoyed him he did come across a lot of the time as a spoiled teenager having a tantrum.maxresdefault.jpg

Honestly does the film have flaws, yes. Does the film lack in some aspects, yes. Should you watch this film, yes yes yes. Do not go into it expecting it to blow you away and be the second coming of Star Wars Jesus. But what you can expect is a fun action packed film that is building the story for some really awesome films to follow.

Yeezus tour t-shirt

This Yeezus tour t-shirt is a t-shirt I have had my eye on for an extremely long time. As a huge Kanye West fan this t-shirt immediately caught my attention. Ever since I saw that first pictures of it I knew this was something I needed in my wardrobe. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw Urban Outfitters were stocking them.

This holiday I decided to treat myself and I finally pulled the plug and bought it. And I have to say I am ecstatic with this purchase it is truly everything I thought it would be. The materials are on point, the print quality is great it is just a fantastic t-shirt.

The t-shirt is black (duh) with an awesome print on the front and back. On the Front you have the Yeezus logo with a praying skeleton and the text God wants you. And on the back you have all the cities the tour visited and the year of the tour which was 2013. I am absolutely in love with the design it gives of this great grungy edgy look that is hard to find done well. As often when brands try to make these edgy t-shirts and they end up just looking tacky.

The only gripe I have is that I would like it to fit slightly bigger  to give the boxy oversized look. But truth be told the t-shirt is not at fault, Urban Outfitters just did not have any bigger sizes available. That being said I will still defiantly be picking up the white version even if the bigger sizes are unavailable.

New year, new blog

Hello and welcome, I am currently a second year journalism student at the University of Huddersfield. I thought with this new year it was time to broaden my horizons and give this whole blogging thing a go.

This blog will essentially consist of anything and everything as I will be writing about any topics that interest or excite me. It will primarily be an outlet  for me to spew my thoughts and a chance for me to share my opinions.

A little bit about myself, my interests range from fashion to gaming to music and all the way in between. So really there is no structure for this blog it is most likely going to be a load of random gibberish. Hopefully you will find some pleasure in reading it and you will stick around.