A generic Star Wars: The Force Awakens first thoughts

This post may contain minor spoilers.

I am extremely late to the party but after finally watching the film yesterday I could not help but share my thoughts. I will try to not make this a review seeing as though there is already an ungodly amount of them, but I cannot promise anything.

So to start with I really enjoyed it, I honestly had a great time watching it and with no doubt I will be watching it again in the near future. I think the film has laid the ground work for an epic story. The film is also great for people who have never seen the series as it is relatively easy to follow, you may not get all the references but you can still definitely enjoy the film.

To begin with the film started slow but it did build up throughout, the last third of the film is considerably more memorable. The film also gave me a few laughs as I quite enjoyed the humour it had at times. Visually I was very impressed some of the scenes I could not help but sit there with my mouth open.article-P-27fad81f-a1c0-45f4-9851-e838a1431fc2-4kRf9CdBWKd4c598a565a3097b28-634_634x356.jpg

The protagonists we were given, to me were a lot more enjoyable than the villains. They had a chemistry that made them truly enjoyable to watch. Honestly they are the reason why I am going to come back to the future films. I need to see where the story will take them.


A nice addition was seeing some familiar faces in the return of past characters. I understand that it was primarily fan service to have some of them feature in the film. And the way Han and Chewie were introduced did not make a whole load of sense. Nonetheless they were a welcomed addition just to make the child in me jump with excitement every time I recognised a face.star-wars-force-awakens-han-solo-chewbacca

Now throughout the film they pulled a few twists to try catch us off guard but in reality you could see most of them coming a mile away. Especially as a lot of the plot points seem to come from the past films which at times makes it seem like a remake and not a sequel. My biggest gripe with the film was Kylo Ren the villain with the freaking awesome Lightsaber. While I enjoyed him he did come across a lot of the time as a spoiled teenager having a tantrum.maxresdefault.jpg

Honestly does the film have flaws, yes. Does the film lack in some aspects, yes. Should you watch this film, yes yes yes. Do not go into it expecting it to blow you away and be the second coming of Star Wars Jesus. But what you can expect is a fun action packed film that is building the story for some really awesome films to follow.



  1. Noel · January 10, 2016

    The film has a lot of flaws, and does not compare to the original movies. I disliked it most of the time, specially Ren and his ridiculous mask and temper tantrums. Feel welcome to read my full review on my blog.


    • awolny · January 10, 2016

      Oh yeah the film had flaws that is a definite but in my opinion it didn’t distract from the overall enjoyment of the film and I’ll give it a gander.


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