Recent clothing pick ups

Over the last month I have accumulated a decent amount of new clothing, I thought it would be a lot easier to do one big post rather than multiple little ones. To summarise I got a black Nike hoodie, Cheap Monday jeans, H&M sweatshirt, H&M twill joggers, Action Bronson t-shirt and a Ralph Lauren cap.IMG_4466

The first thing I got was a plain black Nike hoodie that has a small white swoosh on the chest. It is perfect for what I want, a simple hoodie with no design that is also warm it is great since I can easily throw it under a jacket as a layering piece. I bought it a few sizes up to give it a boxy and oversized fit.


I also got a pair of black stretch tight Cheap Monday jeans from Urban Outfitters which I am extremely happy with. I was worried at first as the last pair of stretch jeans I got from Cheap Monday felt like a pair of leggings, but these are a surprisingly good quality. The only thing is that I had to taper them as the leg opening was too big for my liking but now they are perfect for me and I would highly recommend them.


My third pick up was a H&M sweatshirt I got in beige unfortunately it is no longer available, it is essentially a H&M clone of the popular Haider Ackermann sweatshirt. It is more or less a copy of the the Haider Ackermann in style, it is just that the quality is a lot worse but that is to be expected with the major price difference. I am ecstatic with the purchase, the colour is dope and the fit is great as it fits oversized so if you want it to fit like a regular jumper you would have to size down.


My fourth pick up was a pair of H&M twill joggers unfortunately they are no longer available, these were more of an impulse buy but again I am super satisfied with them. The design again is a copy, this time the brand is Fear of God, they again share many similarities with one major difference being the quality. They have a lot of stretch in the material and have a skinny fit. The bottom of the pants are ribbed to make them stack. Recently H&M has been great for getting the look without dishing out major cash.


My fifth pick up was an Action Bronson t-shirt I got from Urban Outfitters unfortunately it is no longer available. I saw this t-shirt when browsing the sale, I knew instantly I needed to get it and I am so glad I did. It is an official t-shirt which was a nice surprise and the quality is superb, the text is embroidered which helps give it a sense of quality and the print is also on point. I bought it a size up to give it an oversized fit and it is perfect, the only fault is that the neck feels a little wide but that is only minuscule.


My last pick up was a black Ralph Lauren cap which I have been searching for a very long time. I originally saw it on Asos but I was hesitant and they stopped selling it, luckily I found it at House of Fraser. The cap itself is pretty nice the embroidery is well done and the materiel construction feels solid. The hat is also meant to age nicely with time. The colours are suppose to fade so I am excited for that to happen as I think the hat will look great with some character.



  1. originalbecause · January 17, 2016

    more people should read your stuff, I’m really liking it 👌🏼

    Liked by 1 person

    • awolny · January 17, 2016

      Thanks 😀, that means a lot

      Liked by 1 person

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