Kanye West: The Life of Pablo first thoughts

Kanye is relentlessly pushing to be the musical equivalent of Pablo Picasso with his seventh studio album finally releasing. After the long wait does it live up to expectations, oh my Yeezus yes this album is truly an artistic master piece. It is an 18 track album and not one disappoints.

Kanye has taken us on such a journey through his albums we have been at his highs and at his lows. Each album represents a different point of his life and TLOP feels like Kanye is finally reaching an artistic peace in life, I mean the man has a wife and kids now it was about time for him to settle down.

That being said the music is not calm and presented, with the beats, sounds and vocals he has used making one of his maddest productions to date. The album includes a whole lot of features including Chance The Rapper, Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean and Rihanna just to name a few.

The album has a wide variety of songs from Ultra Light Beams having the gospel backing vocals, Famous firing shots and pissing people off and Wolves straight up sounds like I am inside Kanye’s mind. There really is not a dull moment when you listen to the album. I would compare the album to a roller coaster that just goes up because this album takes me so high.

Overall I think this album is a must, I personally have not enjoyed listening to an album like this in quite some time. It really is in a league of its own and will go down as a classic.


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