The Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol watch review

There comes a time in every man’s life were he has to say goodbye to his treasured casual beat up digital watch and upgrade it to something a little classier. A few moths ago I was able to take this step after receiving my first leather strap watch and after wearing it religiously for the last three months I think I am finally ready to give my thoughts.

The watch I got was the classic 40mm Daniel Wellington watch with a dark brown Bristol leather strap and rose gold detailing.To start with the watch comes really nicely presented in a leather box with Daniel Wellington engraved on it. Once you open the box you are greeted by the watch secured in a cream leather holder. Which underneath has the guarantee, basic instructions, strap pin and and a little history behind the watch.


Now originally when I pictured a leather watch in my head the frame was always silver this to me was just the norm for these type of watches. However as soon as I pulled this one out of the box I instantly fell in love with the rose gold. This really is a beautiful watch, my initial thoughts were of how the brown and gold complement each other so well. I honestly could ramble on about the way this watch looks and why I love it for hours but to try prevent that I will sum up the details of the watch.



Firstly the watch face is timeless it has just a plain white face with a little Daniel Wellington branding in black. A hour and minute hand in rose gold, the hours are marked by rose gold lines and the casing is also rose gold. On the back you will find the battery in a silver casing with some more branding on it. The time so far has been very accurate it is still a new watch but its showing no signs of lagging. As for durability it is holding up stupendously there is no sign of the gold rubbing off and the glass has remained scratch free. Honestly I am impressed I have caught the watch on things numerous times but it still looks new out the box.


Now for the strap, the deep dark brown really is a superb colour it looks fantastic on the wrist and complements most outfits. The strap has also aged nicely the creases give the leather its own character. The buckles are also done in rose gold and again have Daniel Wellington branding on them which is a nice touch. The only thing I would say about the leather strap is that it was unexpectedly stiff, it took at lot longer then I thought to break in but now that I have it is perfect.


One of the great things about Daniel Wellington watches is that the straps are easily removed and on their website you can buy a whole range of different straps. This means you only have to buy one watch face but you can have a multitude of different watches. They offer all the different leather and canvas straps essentially meaning you can have a whole load of watches just by interchanging the straps. You can have a smart brown leather strap watch for an evening meal and then the very next day switch it out for a colourful canvas strap perfect for a day out.It is just incredibly satisfying to be given such and easy and useful feature that can prolong the life of a watch for years.


Overall I think it is a must have watch, the quality is really nice the style is timeless and you have the option to customise your watch. After owning one I can safely say they are worth every penny you can purchase them here, I highly recommend you pick one up before time runs out.


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