Are magazines taking over coffee table book culture?

With the rise of popularity in eBooks, physical books are becoming increasingly scarce and this is having an effect on coffee table book culture.

Ten years ago having a interesting selection of books located on your coffee table was a must for any stylish home. It gave visitors an insight into your interests and acted as a way to show off how quirky and interesting you are.

However now with the popularity of tablets you see less and less people buying actual physical books, which has caused a hit in the market and lead to less actual noteworthy books to be printed.

However the culture is not gone it is in fact being replaced by magazines. Now I am not talking about the tacky gossip magazines you pick up at your local supermarket, instead I mean the high end artsy magazines that come with a premium feel in design and quality.

These magazines are becoming the trendy alternative to books and are the new way to display your interests in paper format. Especially now that you can find these premium style magazines for almost any hobby. You can find them for fashion, music, sports, cooking and art, if you have a hobby the chance is there is a great stylish magazine for it.

Although I must say book culture is not completely dead it is just on the decline and being shadowed in the presence of these magazines. Really it is still easy to find great artsy and collectable books. I just believe that their place is being moved now to shelves rather than being displayed on a coffee table.

Summer essentials part 2

So here it is part two of my summer essentials, I think we all know you cannot be too prepared so here are a few more things you need to have.

The first things on this list are vests, for me personally the hot weather is unbearable but I am not the kind of guy to walk around with his shirt off everywhere. There is a time and a place to lose your top and going for a quick bite to eat in town is not one of those occasions. What is the next best thing, vests, you can still show of those sick guns you have been working on for the past six months and feel nice a cool while still keeping all of your dignity.

As to the kind of vests I would recommend there are a few. Personally I am a big fan of sporty vests the ones I own are some Adidas basket ball vests which are great because the material is just so light a breathable it makes summer somewhat bearable. The second sporty vest I own is a Nike vest I got from Urban Outfitters which just looks nice and basic, simple colours and a well placed logo makes it easy to style. The other styles I own are a just a basic black tank top I got from H&M, the cut of it is a little lower and stringier then your average tank top which makes it more breathable. And I also have some muscle tops which are just t-shirts with the sleeves cut off, thet have raw hems which gives them a nice edgy look.

The second essential I have on this list are sunglasses, we all know how frustrating it is when you are out sight seeing and every direction you look you are being blinded. Well I have the solution. Sunglasses. Not only are they life savers, but they also look dam stylish. It is a fact that everyone looks 33% more attractive while wearing sunglasses.

Now as for what style sunglasses my personal favourite style is the Club master, I think they look great and are just a little different in comparison to a lot of the sunglasses people wear. The Wayfarer style is also a good choice or you could also go for Aviators however I personally think Aviators look kind of generic and played out. There is a very thin line when wearing them between looking like a complete bad ass and a complete tool they really do have to fit your face just right. The sunglasses I own are just some £2 Club masters I got at Primark. Honestly I either break or lose my sunglasses every summer so for me it is not worth investing in a decent pair however if I was going to I would just go for the classic Raybans.


Now the last essential on my list is a pair of summer appropriate trainers. Big clunky shoes which may have been perfect during the winter lose their place in summer, they just do not integrate into the summer style. For this reason getting some sweet summer shoes is a must. Now what do I mean by sweet summer shoes, I mean something that looks great with shorts and are comfortable as you are usually always doing something during summer.

For me personally the two pairs I will be wearing the most are firstly my Stan Smiths, white shoes are the definition of summer and these are no exception. Some great alternatives would be some Common Projects, Air Force 1’s or some Old Skools. Now the second pair I will be rocking a whole bunch are my woven Roshes. Now while Roshes are not my favourite these are so breathable I love them. Really any runner is perfect for summer they are comfy and stylish Asics, Puma, Adidas, Nike and Reebok all make some great runners that are perfect for summer and that wont break the bank.

I hope this list has been helpful and given you some ideas for what you will need for summer.

Summer essentials part 1

Summer is finally here and with it comes the usual unbearably hot weather, so I thought I would compile a list of my summer essentials. These are the things I personally love to have during summer as in these hotter months it helps to be prepared.

The first thing is a cap this is undoubtedly a must have for the summer months, I love wearing a hat during summer it has some great benefits. Hats block out the sun and they can be absolute life savers as they are extremely easy to throw on. It is hot and humid and most hairstyles do not hold up well through a hot summers day so instead of worrying about that just put a hat on and you are set.

Now my personal preference is a six panel cap also known as the dad hat, these have been in style for a while now and I personally love them.  They just look a lot more sleek then a snap/strap back or camp cap. Its overall aesthetic is a lot smaller and streamlined and really fits in perfectly with the current trends of minimalist fashion.

Now the two six panels I have is a Ralph Lauren Polo one I got from House of Fraser it is plain black with a red logo and goes with any outfit. I have worn the absolute hell out of this hat and it shows in its unique fading’s that have developed over time, which I like it gives it some character. If you are only going to get one hat this summer I would highly recommend one of these. They look classic and come in so many colours, you will defiantly find the perfect one.IMG_6622

Now the second hat I have I went a little more adventurous with it is the MKI Wool Peak Baseball Cap by MKI Miyuki-Zoku which I got at End Clothing. It is a charcoal coloured hat that features the MKI Miyuki-Zoku branding it is all very basic like the Ralph Lauren cap however what caught my eye is that it was made out of wool giving it a very unique appearance which I found very appealing. Now my biggest reserve when purchasing this hat was that the wool would make it unbearably hot when wearing it in the summer. However after wearing it quite a few times the difference in temperature if anything is minuscule my head did not feel any hotter in it than any other hat.IMG_6624

The second thing you need for the summer are some comfortable shorts, by this I mean either some athletic shorts or some jogger shorts. For me when it comes to shorts I am not the biggest fan of chino shorts for day to day wear as I prefer to dress them up. And denim shorts can get a little uncomfortable for me when the temperature is very hot so athletic shorts fit this gap perfectly, they are incredible for days that have a lot of activities. Also to me the comfy slouchy aesthetic looks great for the summer as well as being very practical.

Now the comfy shorts I own are some Adidas exercise shorts, I am not a 100% certain what the exact name is but you can find a lot of similar models on their website or in store. I own a black and navy pair and they go great with a pair of runners and a plain t-shirt. The only down fall they have is the lack of pockets, if you do wear these on a day out you have to bring a bag to store you are phone, keys, ect.

However jogger shorts fix this problem, the ones I own are a grey and charcoal Champion sweat shorts which I found at Tkmaxx. But you can find jogger shorts in literally every high street store. They are perfect for summer as they are extremely comfortable and have pockets, the only downside is that they are thicker than the Adidas shorts although it does not make too much of a difference.

Now while I said denim shorts do get uncomfortable on long day they are still a necessity and that is why they are my third summer essential. While I would love to spend every day in comfortable athletic shorts sometimes you cannot, occasionally you have to wear slightly nicer shorts. They are perfect for day trips where it is too hot for jeans but you want a similar style, they pair great with an oversized t-shirt and pair of Adidas Stan Smiths or Old Skool Vans.

The two pairs I own are both from Primark but you can find alternative again literally anywhere. I have a plain black pair which match with anything, and a light blue distressed pair which I got last year. However I am still debating whether I like them I am not sure yet I am going to have to wear them a few times before I have a verdict.

I hope this will help you through the upcoming months of summer, I will be posting a part two very soon with some more of my essentials.