The white trainer curse

I try make it my mission to wear all my shoes however depending on the season I will gravitate to certain ones more. Nevertheless I do attempt to get use out of all of them.

However, it always happens, I find myself wearing plain white trainers nonstop, sometimes for a week and other times for a few months.

I find no matter what season it is or how much my style has changed I always go back to them, they are easy, they are simple but most importantly they are reliable.

Wearing white trainers nonstop is not in itself a bad thing, they look great.

I find it is the guilt I get when time after time I go to grab them, I feel like every other shoe is just staring at me.

Judging me.

Even with my psychological guilt I still grab my trusty white trainers, I tell myself it is just a phase and soon I will be wearing all my other shoes which inevitably always becomes a lie.


An ever changing style

Over the past few years my style has jumped from one extreme to another. My obsessions have ranged from American work wear idolising slim cut jeans, boots and flannels to your average run of the mill street wear fanatic wearing bomber jackets, Jordans, skinny jeans and patiently waiting for every new supreme drop.

It seems that my commitment to a set style is ever fleeting, I am never truly happy with what I am wearing or what I have, there is always something left to buy or a different style to try.

The styles drawing my attention recently have been Scandinavian minimalism and Japanese work wear. I have been consumed by cropped trousers, minimal footwear and simple colour pallets.

When I first got into fashion every time I wanted to try and change my aesthetic I felt like I had wasted my time previously, what was the point of buying certain items if now they have become completely redundant.

However, that mentality has recently changed as I no longer think of my time being wasted. I previously liked that style and enjoyed delving into it, so I do not think I can really call it wasted time. I have started to think that this kind of change is normal especially for someone of my age. Certain styles that seemed great before now feel juvenile, while other styles which were too formal then are now perfectly acceptable.

I believe it is a journey, if you found one style and stuck to it for the rest of your life where would the fun be? The enjoyment comes from trying new things, taking risks and evolving. I feel like what I am trying to get across is that I am okay with being inconsistent, I am ok with my ever changing opinion/judgement and most importantly I am okay with not having a set style. It is okay to change.