The white trainer curse

I try make it my mission to wear all my shoes however depending on the season I will gravitate to certain ones more. Nevertheless I do attempt to get use out of all of them.

However, it always happens, I find myself wearing plain white trainers nonstop, sometimes for a week and other times for a few months.

I find no matter what season it is or how much my style has changed I always go back to them, they are easy, they are simple but most importantly they are reliable.

Wearing white trainers nonstop is not in itself a bad thing, they look great.

I find it is the guilt I get when time after time I go to grab them, I feel like every other shoe is just staring at me.

Judging me.

Even with my psychological guilt I still grab my trusty white trainers, I tell myself it is just a phase and soon I will be wearing all my other shoes which inevitably always becomes a lie.


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