Elevate your outfit by adding some textured pieces

As the temperature drops the time for layering arises, gone are the days of going out in a t-shirt and jeans, now if you leave in anything less then a jumper and jacket you will definitely be feeling a chill.

With this cold weather it is the perfect time to experiment and add some interesting textures to your outfit.

Unlike in the summer you have so many layers to play around with, it is easy to have fun and incorporate something interesting. This can range from a glistening pair of leather boots to a corduroy jacket, there are so many different materials available. For example, suede, wool, leather, nylon, corduroy and denim, you are spoilt for choice and it is incredibly easy to play around with them.

It really is on trend to add flair to you outfit through the addition of a unique texture. Take Sherpa lined jackets as an example, they have become massively popular over the past year as they add a pop of colour and material which helps accentuate the outfit.

If you look at any high street retailer you will find an abundance of Sherpa lined jackets and thick wool sweaters, however that is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to textured pieces this season. You can find interesting options anywhere, look at designers such as Acne Studios. One of the signature and most popular pieces this season is a huge chunky wool turtle neck, both high street and designer are really pushing texture this season.

With high street retailers and designers alike offering unique materials and variations you can find some interesting pieces at any price range. Now is the perfect time to play around and have fun with your layering.


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