Enhancing your outfits by changing up your neck line

With the weather only getting colder now it is the perfect time to add layers. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to change up your regular crew/ V-neck for something like a turtle neck not only does it add considerably more flair to an outfit but it also helps combat the cold weather.

However, a turtle neck is not your only option a roll neck essentially looks and serves the same purpose, and if either of those two are a little too much for you than you can try either a mock neck or even a collared shirt.

All of these options come in a variety of colours and materials, however with the winter time it is probably easiest to stick to more neutral and warm colours. As for material you have a lot of options from a luxurious cashmere to a thick and warm wool. My advice would be to get them from somewhere like Uniqlo, it will be a lot more affordable meaning you have more options to experiment with and you can try out different styles without breaking the bank.

In terms of styling them that is purely dependent on taste the easiest way would be to throw a nice jacket on top, the look can be either very casual or very smart depending on your bottom half which makes it a fantastic introductory style.

Although, my favourite way to style these kind of tops recently has been to layer it either underneath an existent jumper/hoodie or to wear it under a button up shirt. This look has been very popular this season, all you have to do is simply look at London Fashion Week to see this style being done. The great thing about it is not only does it keep you very warm but that added flair can really bring an outfit to life.


To summarise, changing up your regular crew neck jumper for something like a roll neck not only keeps you warmer but it can be that added bit of interest in a outfit that can really make all the difference.


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