The all white Adidas Stan Smith

I recently picked up the Adidas Stan Smith in all white, it is definitely true what people say about this shoe being a staple in any wardrobe. They look great with everything and they can be easily thrown on with any outfit. The shoe just has such a clean and simple silhouette and with it being an all white shoe you do not have to worry about it clashing with anything making it so versatile.

The shoe itself comes packaged in the standard Adidas Original blue box. Inside they are wrapped up in a paper that has the Adidas Original logo printed all across it.

The shoe itself consists of a leather upper the quality is well what you would expect for a £70 trainer, it is mediocre. If you wanted something that has the same aesthetic but has a  higher quality you have to branch out. Personally I would lean towards either Common Projects which will run you around £260 or the Adidas X Raf Simons Stan Smith which are around £220 and are almost exactly the same except for a few minor details and the level of quality. The leather on these feel somewhat rubbery and creases the minute you put them on however they do seem somewhat durable. Really for the price you could not ask for more a timeless shoe with a durable leather.IMG_4639

Now what really made me choose this shoe above all the other version like the original white and green or the white and navy is that it was all white. To me it just looks so much better and cleaner not having that added colour on the heel and tongue. When you look at the Stan Smith logo or the Adidas logo in white it just looks so simple and perfect.

Overall I think this shoe is incredible and it really is a must have. I can not fault it the price is great, the comfort is good and the style of the shoe is so classic and so timeless if you do not have a pair already I urge you to get a pair.FullSizeRender (1)

Walking on clouds, the Adidas Ultra Boost

I recently picked up the Adidas Ultra Boost in Core Black and I have to say they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I absolutely love them, they are atheistically incredible the materials they have used feel premium. The best way to put it is that they feel sturdy when you hold them in your hand it all feels very well put together.

To start with they come nicely packaged in the standard Adidas Ultra Boost box which is a nice vibrant box. It has a range of colours and a funky design which is a nice touch. Also the paper used inside the box has Boost branding all over it which again its the small things that make the product feel special.

Now for the actual shoe itself they consist of a Primeknit upper which is the Adidas alternative to Nikes Flyknit. It is such a soft material that really just shapes itself around your foot which really adds to the comfort factor. But this also makes the shoe fit rather snug so for me personally since I have a wide foot I had to size up on these. I have also heard that if you put a shoe trees in them you run the risk of ripping the Primeknit.IMG_4344.JPGThe sole consists of boost which is really what sold the shoe to me apart for the fact it looks great, having boost makes them unbelievably comfortable. What boost does is it gives energy return, the sole is made entirely of energy pellets which is why it looks like polystyrene. Do not quote me on this but I believe there are over 3000 pellets in them which so far is the most in any Adidas shoe. There is also a stretch web on the out sole which gives them that extra durability and Torsion technology for that added support.IMG_4346 - Copy.JPGIMG_4369.JPG

The Ultra Boosts also feature a plastic cage on the side which gives them the three stripes and is actually where the laces are threaded. The laces are threaded though the cage so that the shoe can be one whole piece with no breaks essentially making it a sock.IMG_4346

The Ultra Boosts also features a few nice additions for example metal lace tips, a 3m reflective Adidas tag on the tongue and hits of silver on the side of the shoe and on the inside.

Overall this is a really great shoe that I would recommend to anyone, you get a amazingly practical shoe. Along side a very stylish shoe that has been in the public eye a lot recently thanks to Kanye West. The quality is there, the comfort is there and the style is there what is not to love.IMG_4362.JPG