231A3D5E-22A1-4320-9DC9-3D1E5F9C2A50.jpgOutfit 2

Jacket- Our Legacy

Jumper- H&M

Trousers- Topman

Shoes- Dr Martens


Elevate your outfit by adding some textured pieces

As the temperature drops the time for layering arises, gone are the days of going out in a t-shirt and jeans, now if you leave in anything less then a jumper and jacket you will definitely be feeling a chill.

With this cold weather it is the perfect time to experiment and add some interesting textures to your outfit.

Unlike in the summer you have so many layers to play around with, it is easy to have fun and incorporate something interesting. This can range from a glistening pair of leather boots to a corduroy jacket, there are so many different materials available. For example, suede, wool, leather, nylon, corduroy and denim, you are spoilt for choice and it is incredibly easy to play around with them.

It really is on trend to add flair to you outfit through the addition of a unique texture. Take Sherpa lined jackets as an example, they have become massively popular over the past year as they add a pop of colour and material which helps accentuate the outfit.

If you look at any high street retailer you will find an abundance of Sherpa lined jackets and thick wool sweaters, however that is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to textured pieces this season. You can find interesting options anywhere, look at designers such as Acne Studios. One of the signature and most popular pieces this season is a huge chunky wool turtle neck, both high street and designer are really pushing texture this season.

With high street retailers and designers alike offering unique materials and variations you can find some interesting pieces at any price range. Now is the perfect time to play around and have fun with your layering.

Autumn, time for some colour

Autumn is a time for hot chocolates, cosy nights and reincorporating warm tones into our wardrobe.

Now that Autumn is in full swing I thought it was time to reintroduce some colour into my primarily monochrome outfits.

As always burgundy, brown, green and navy tones are on trend now and relativity easy to incorporate.

However, it seems a lot of designers this season especially J.W.Anderson and Dries Van Noten are really pushing cream, navy and olive tones.

For me personally I am going to focus more on navy, cream and earth tones, I find them to be the easiest to work into an outfit that primarily consists of black.

Adding colour will be a challenge as my wardrobe consists of 95% blacks, whites and greys but I am determined to have some colour this season, whether it is through hats, jumpers, scarfs, or jackets I plan to give it ago.

The white trainer curse

I try make it my mission to wear all my shoes however depending on the season I will gravitate to certain ones more. Nevertheless I do attempt to get use out of all of them.

However, it always happens, I find myself wearing plain white trainers nonstop, sometimes for a week and other times for a few months.

I find no matter what season it is or how much my style has changed I always go back to them, they are easy, they are simple but most importantly they are reliable.

Wearing white trainers nonstop is not in itself a bad thing, they look great.

I find it is the guilt I get when time after time I go to grab them, I feel like every other shoe is just staring at me.

Judging me.

Even with my psychological guilt I still grab my trusty white trainers, I tell myself it is just a phase and soon I will be wearing all my other shoes which inevitably always becomes a lie.

An ever changing style

Over the past few years my style has jumped from one extreme to another. My obsessions have ranged from American work wear idolising slim cut jeans, boots and flannels to your average run of the mill street wear fanatic wearing bomber jackets, Jordans, skinny jeans and patiently waiting for every new supreme drop.

It seems that my commitment to a set style is ever fleeting, I am never truly happy with what I am wearing or what I have, there is always something left to buy or a different style to try.

The styles drawing my attention recently have been Scandinavian minimalism and Japanese work wear. I have been consumed by cropped trousers, minimal footwear and simple colour pallets.

When I first got into fashion every time I wanted to try and change my aesthetic I felt like I had wasted my time previously, what was the point of buying certain items if now they have become completely redundant.

However, that mentality has recently changed as I no longer think of my time being wasted. I previously liked that style and enjoyed delving into it, so I do not think I can really call it wasted time. I have started to think that this kind of change is normal especially for someone of my age. Certain styles that seemed great before now feel juvenile, while other styles which were too formal then are now perfectly acceptable.

I believe it is a journey, if you found one style and stuck to it for the rest of your life where would the fun be? The enjoyment comes from trying new things, taking risks and evolving. I feel like what I am trying to get across is that I am okay with being inconsistent, I am ok with my ever changing opinion/judgement and most importantly I am okay with not having a set style. It is okay to change.

Zakopane the real mountaineering experience

Zakopane is a mountain town located in the south of Poland at the base of the Tatra mountains.

It truly is a town that embodies the whole mountaineering spirit, everything from the hotels to the restaurants feel like they belong. Each aspect has its own sense of purpose in creating the great atmosphere.

All the buildings have a wonderful wooden architecture giving the whole town a very rugged feel which defiantly works in its favour, it gives off a great atmosphere when strolling up and down the streets.

At night the town truly comes to life, the streets are illuminated, the restaurants and bars are packed and this overwhelming lively atmosphere appears out of seemingly nowhere.

Every direction you look has restaurants with roaring fires, bars full of cheery people and street performers making for an incredibly enjoyable experience.fullsizerender-4

During the day it calms down as most people are up in the mountains however there is still plenty to do in town. You will find all the high street shops, and most bars and restaurants are open.

However, when in Zakopane the best thing to do with your day is go up the mountains, you really have two options either hike it or get a cable car up.

Both are great in their own respect although I think it simply comes down to how much time you have. If you have the whole day I would personally walk up it, but if you only have a few hours then take the cable car.

If you get the cable car I defiantly recommend booking the ticket in advance and arriving early as it can get seriously busy. If you do not book in advance the chance is you will be stuck in a queue, most people who go mid day wait around three hours in the queue.

Zakopane really is a unique place to visit and it truly does capture the Polish mountaineering spirit, offering great food, drink and experiences.img_8176

Has Auschwitz become to commercialised?

On my recent trip to Poland I paid a visit to Auschwitz and went on the full tour of the grounds. Whilst on this tour I could not shake this strange feeling while me and the other 20 people in my group simply stared at everything.

For the majority of the tour it could easily be forgotten that you were in a concentration camp. It felt like your average museum, just multiple large group of tourists with their headphones on and drink in hand taking photos without a care in the world.

It was extremely bizarre to me, the photo taking I could understand I was one of these people photographing everything, it is just a way to remember a moment. The people I could not understand were the ones who instead just took photos of themselves allowing Auschwitz to fall into the background. It amazed me how many selfies come up when you search the Auschwitz hashtag on social media, it truly baffled me.

I think it was a combination of factors that made me leave Auschwitz with a bad taste in my mouth, I left feeling like I paid for a superficial experience rather then leaving with a greater knowledge and understanding of the events that took place. I do not know if it was because of the shops selling food and books, the excessive picture taking or just seeing all the tour groups that threw me off, but something defiantly did.

That being said while I do feel it was commercialised and a bit odd it was still something I would recommend anyone to see once. Frankly I did to an extent learn more about what happened there.

And I also do understand the purpose of it is so we do not forget what happened there. That is the great part of it, not letting the history die or be swept under the rug, it stands as a constant reminder for us. I love that part of it, I think I just expected the whole experience to feel a lot heavier than it did and that is what felt so odd to me.

Poznan a journey into the Renaissance

Over the summer I had the pleasure of visiting Poznan a city in Poland renowned for its university, Renaissance style architecture, beautiful old market square and its high end shopping.

When walking around my initial reaction was a mixture of shock and pleasant surprise due to the amount of street art I saw just strolling around. It was great exploring the side streets and keeping an eye out for all kinds of contemporary art plastered onto walls.img_7675

The old market square was where I spent the bulk of my time in Poznan and with good reason. From the moment I entered it felt like I was on a psychedelic trip, everywhere I turned beautiful bright buildings were glaring in front of me.

The architecture in the square is breath taking, it was like stepping into the renaissance, I felt like I was on the set of a play and everything around me seemed hollow and two dimensional. It did not seem real when looking at it, and that is what gave it such unique feel. The only thing putting a damper on it was the stalls selling tack however I can overlook them as the general aesthetic for the square was regardless incredible.img_7630

In the square you will find the Church of St. Stanislaus which is definitely a must visit if you are there as it is absolutely magnificent. While walking into the church a nearby apartment was blasting music out which could be heard a few streets away. It gave the whole experience at the church a rather absurd feel, nether the less it was enjoyable having the music in the background. It felt quite taboo hearing viciously loud dance music while strolling around a church, it added to the whole experience a sense of uniqueness that cannot be planned.

When walking around the old square I definitely recommend exploring, if you find a quaint side street take a gander the chance is you will find something worthwhile. That being said if the street you are on looks dingy I would recommend finding somewhere else. Quite a few of the streets were overrun by takeaways which dampened the whole atmosphere. However with that being said moments after the street with all the takeaways I found a quirky looking street that lead to one of the most unique looking cafes I have ever seen.

After exploring the square I went to the shopping centre in the more modern part of the city which is a paradise for any avid shopper. The shopping centre has everything from mid range brands to high end brands, sport clothing to high fashion clothing, everything you want it has it covered.

Thoughts on the Air Jordan 1 Banned

On September 3rd the Air Jordan 1 Banned re-released for the first time in three years, bringing back the iconic silhouette in its most famous colour way.

While this shoe was released at a large number of retailers, stock was still limited making the shoe just as rare and sought after as past releases. This evidently increased the hype in the sneaker community.

I was lucky enough to be able to purchase myself a pair from Nike.com and I have been wearing them for the past two weeks.

The quality of the leather was one of the main topics surrounding this release. This is because when the shattered backboard colour way released for the Air Jordan 1 a while back it set the new standard for quality expected from Jordan brand.

A lot of debate has occurred in the community whether this releases has been up to par, honestly I could not be a hundred percent certain as I do not own the shattered backboards, however I am very pleased with the quality.

The red leather is tumbled and incredibly soft to the touch it truly has a premium feel to it, while the black leather seems average at best there could be improvements made but for the price point it defiantly meets expectations.

My other thought on this shoe is that the comfort is actually rather surprising, they are comfortable, really comfortable especially for a shoe designed in 1985.

I have been on my feet all day in them twice now and I have loved the comfort, I am accustomed to running trainers such as the Adidas Ultra Boosts which prides itself on its comfort and honestly these Jordan 1’s do not disappoint.

My feet did not ache at the end of either of these long days, the support they give around the ankle feels great and the Nike Air certainly makes them feel light and responsive when walking.

An added point is they fit rather wide which for me is a blessing as it gave me a greater support that a lot of narrow shoes do not offer.

A further side note is that I love how this release of the shoe has attempted to stay as close to the 1985 release as possible.

Little details such as having the original higher cut of the shoe, the white insole, the trademark logo on the Nike Air and the sample stamp on the inside have made this shoe feel all the more special.

This has been may favourite shoe for some time now and for good reason, they have been a staple in both the sneaker and fashion community.

The shoe has a lot of history surrounding it in both in fashion and sport they have remained truly timeless and I would recommend them to anyone.

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